Trailworks History

Trailworks Landrover

A little Trailworks history ...
Trailworks was started on the 1st of July 2000. After some balanced thought Jos van der Burg decided to start working for himself. A house purchase that had led to more than just what was able to be seen from the outside, a love for beautiful old things and a natural talent formed the important ingredients for owner Jos van der Burg to stride out to the Chamber of Commerce. A catchy company name appeared to be a requirement. So, over a few wines on a summer evening came Trailworks. Boss Jos already owned an English van and 3 funny English dogs. An English company name was then also not more than a logical continuation. Considering he had also decided that he, in the first place in any case, would take on all the work that came his way, the Trail of Work was soon a fact! The strong sounding name was sealed with a sure house-style and a successful company was born.