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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you profusely for the quality work you have recently done at my property.
Firstly, the window shutters have turned out to be a great success. As you know, although I felt the need for them, I was concerned about how far they would jut out into the room during the day. Your suggestion that each shutter could fold back on itself when open was a great idea that I just hadn't thought of and solved the problem admirably. You hardly know that they are there at all during the day, and at night they look splendid!

As for the rustic computer desk with the upper section concealing the computer printer that works very comfortably without having to be moved at all, plus my valued hi-fi system alongside which still allows all the necessary wiring to be neatly concealed makes it an ideal item of furniture for my use. Its tastefully antiqued finish and the carefully chosen staining of the wood makes it a perfect match for the rest of the furniture in the room. Indeed, I like it so much, that should I sell this property in the future, it's one item of furniture that I will certainly be taking with me.

I enjoyed working with you on these projects Jos because you listen attentively to your clients requirements on one hand and always come up with constructive ideas and thoughts on the other and you're very amiable and easy to be with. In addition, your punctuality re. delivery, your attention to detail and your amiable nature has been a pleasure to experience and I will have no hesitation in recommending you highly to others.

John Foster